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Prof. Hugh R.A. Jones   University of Hertfordshire, UK Apr. 15 - May.15 (Jun. 17 - Sep. 17)  Shiyin Shen/ Zhaoxiang Qi  1506  






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Name:Kenneth Wong Affiliation:National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Dates: 25th Jan Host: Fengyuan Off... (2018.03.19)
Name:Ke Wang Affiliation:European Southern Observatory Dates: 25th-26th Jan Host: Fengyuan Office: middle c... (2018.03.19)
Name:Fabo Feng Affiliation:University of Hertfordshire College Lane Dates: 21th-24th Jan Host: Fengyuan Off... (2018.03.19)
Name:Hsi-Yu Schive Affiliation: National Center for Supercomputing Dates: 20th-23th Jan Office: middle con... (2018.03.19)
Name:Hao Tian; Affiliation: NAOC; Dates: 29th Jan - 2nd Feb; Host:Martin C. Smith; Office: 1802 (2018.03.19)
Name:Albert Bosma;Affiliation: Laboratoire d' astrophysique de Marseille ;Dates: 19/10/2017- 20/10/2017;Hos... (2017.12.04)
Name:Lia Athanassoula;Affiliation: Laboratoire d' astrophysique de Marseille ;Dates: 19/10/2017- 20/10/2017... (2017.12.04)
Name:Dr. Lizhi Xie; Affiliation: Astronomical Observatory of Trieste - INAF ;Dates: 5th-9th September ;Off... (2017.09.18)
Name: Dr. Xun Shi;Affiliation: MPA, Germany;Dates: 18/04/2017;Host: Prof. Fulai Guo;Office: 1710 (2017.06.19)
Name: Martin Bureau;Affiliation: University of Oxford;Dates: 27/03/2017- 02/06/2017;Host: Juntai Shen and L... (2017.06.19)
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