SHAO Astrophysics Colloquia 

The VIMOS Ultra Deep survey, initial phases of galaxy assembly 10-13Gyr back in the Universe 

Speaker: Olivier Le Fèvre (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille ) 

Time: Thursday, 3:00pm, April 22nd 

Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor 

Supermassive binary black holes in galactic centers: theoretical and observational perspectives 

Speaker: Youjun Lu (NAOC) 

Time: Thursday, 3:00pm, April 24th 

Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor 


Seminar talk 

Title: CMB illuminating a dark universe 

Speaker: Professor Carlo Baccigalupu (SISSA) 

Time: Tuesday , 10:00am, April 22nd 

Location: the middle conference room 


Group meetings 

Observational High Energy Astrophysics Group Seminar 


Optical and infrared polarimetry of the transient LMXB Cen X-4 in quiescence (Hui Zhang) 

The broad band spectral variability of MCG-6-30-15 observed by NuSTAR and XMM-Newton (Wenda Zhang) 

Evolution of the hot flow of MAXI J1543-564 (Zhen Yan) 

Time: Monday, 10:30am, April 21 

Location: 1402; Contact: Zhen Yan <

Blackhole accretion and High-energy astrophysics Seminar 

Title: Nonlinear Outcome of Gravitational Instability in Cooling, Gaseous Disks 

Speaker: Zhaoming Gan 

Time: Tuesday, 2:00pm, Apr 22 

 Location: 1608; Contact: Qixiang Yang <

Stellar Cluster and Galaxy Seminar group seminar 

Title: Spectroscopic analysis of a large sample of L and T brown dwarfs 

Speaker: Federico Marocco, University of Hertfordshire
Date: Wednesday,10:30am, April 23  

Location: room 1617 Contact: Jianling Gan <

Title: Population synthesis modelling of stellar clusters 

Speaker: Peter Anders, National Astronomical Observatory of China 

Date: Wednesday,12:30, April 23 

Location: room 1515 



Youjun Lu (NAOC) 

Dates: 16/04-24/04   Office: 1717   Host: Martin C. Smith 

Research interests: black hole physics; AGN & quasars; galaxy formation & cosmology 


Jundan NIE(NAOC) 

Dates: 21/04-27/04   Office: 1802  Host: Martin C. Smith 

Research interests: Galactic halo, photometric surveys, variable stars 


Research Center for Galaxy and Cosmology is the division engaging on the astrophysical research in Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. The research area includes cosmology, large scale structure, galaxy formation and evolution, the active galactic nucleus and compact objects, the star cluster and the structure of the Milk Way etc.

CGC participates in many international sky survey projects, including the LAMOST sky survey, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV ,BigBoss,LSST etc. CGC maintains close partnerships with many astronomical   research institutes.

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