SHAO Astrophysics Colloquia  


Modeling galaxy formation and distribution 


Speaker: Xi Kang(PMO) 

Time: Fridany,3:00pm, May 15 

Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor  


 I will introduce a few methods to model the formation of galaxy population in a cosmological context,  including the hydrodynamical simulation and semi-analytical model, and then highlight the recent progress and challenges. I will also discuss the observed galaxy alignment effect, and show how it is related to the primordial anisotropic distribution set by large scale structure in early universe  


SHAO-USTC Lecture  


Title: 射电天体物理  

Speaker: Junzhi Wang(SHAO)  

Time: Wednesday, 1:30pm,May 13  

Location: Room 1617  


Group meetings and additional talks 

SHAO SDSS-IV meeting 

Location: Room 1714 

Time: Tuesday, May 12 

14:30 - 14:40  Email updates (Fangting Yuan)  

14:40 - 15:05  Evolution of spiral isolated galaxies with MaNGA (Maria Argudo-Fernandez)  

15:05 - 15:30   Gradients of recent SFH: updating the P-MaNGA analysis with MaNGA/MPL-3(Enci Wang)  


Radio Astrophysics Group Seminar  

Location: 1617; Contact: Guangrui Yao <>  

Title: Millimeter line observations toward four nearby galaxies   

Speaker: Fei Li  

Time: Tuesday, 11:30am, May 12  


Stellar Cluster and Galaxy Seminar group seminar  

Location: 1617; Contact: Jian Fu<>  

Title: GalevNB: conversion from simulations to observations  

Speaker: Xiaoying Pan  

Time: Wednesday, 10:30am, May 13  


Galaxies Group Journal Club  

Location: 1608; Contact: Zhi Li <>  

Title: Brief Introduction to Dark Matter Study  

Speaker: Yingying Zhou   

Time: Friday, 11:45 am, May 15  


Blackhole accretion and High-energy astrophysics Seminar  

Location: 1608; Contact: Qixiang Yang <>  

Title: Relativistic MHD simulations of collision-induced magnetic dissipation in Poynting-flux-dominated jets/outflows   

Speaker: Ya-Ping Li  

Time: Tuesday, 2:00 pm, May 12  


Title: Evidence for changes in the radiative efficiency of transient blackhole X-ray binaries  

Speaker: Qixiang Yang  

Time: Friday, 10:00 am, May 15  


Research Center for Galaxy and Cosmology is the division engaging on the astrophysical research in Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. The research area includes cosmology, large scale structure, galaxy formation and evolution, the active galactic nucleus and compact objects, the star cluster and the structure of the Milk Way etc.

CGC participates in many international sky survey projects, including the LAMOST sky survey, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV ,BigBoss,LSST etc. CGC maintains close partnerships with many astronomical   research institutes.

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