SHAO Astrophysics Colloquia

Title: Observations and Modeling of Solar Coronal Waves
speaker: Prof. Pengfei Chen (NJU)

Time: 3 PM, Mar. 30th (Thursday)   

Abstract: Coronal waves, which are called solar tsunami by the news media, are a large-scale wavelike phenomenon propagating across the major part of the Sun. Debates were continued regarding their driver and their nature.  Several mechanisms have been proposed during the past 18 years. In this talk, I will introduce how the community is getting closer to reaching a consensus on the nature of coronal waves.

Group meetings

Black hole Accretion and High-energy Astrophysics /Black Hole Feedback and Cosmic Ray Astrophysics Seminar

Location: 1608

Time: 14:00-16:00, Wednesday (Mar. 29th)

Speaker: Defu Bu 

Title: The Effect of the AGN Feedback on the Interstellar Medium of Early-Type Galaxies:2D Hydrodynamical Simulations of the Low-Rotation Case

Speaker: Bin Liu

Title: HD 106906: A Case Study for External Perturbations of a Debris Disk


The Astrophysics division is the main group engaged in astrophysical research at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. Research areas include active galactic nuclei and high energy astrophysics, galaxy formation and evolution, cosmology and large scale structure, star clusters and the structure of the Milk Way, star formation, and planetary astrophysics. There are now 45 faculty members, 16 postdocs, and 65 graduate students in the division.

The Astrophysics division maintains close partnerships with many astronomical research institutes, including the joint Key laboratory of research in galaxies and cosmology of CAS with University of Science and Technology of China, the joint astrophysics center with Xiamen University. Members of the astrophysics division also participate in many international and domestic astronomical projects, including LAMOST, HXMT, FAST, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV, TMT, LSST, etc.


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