Seminar talk 


Title: Multi-wavelength variability and QPOs (Quasi Periodic Oscillations) in Blazars 

Speaker: Alok Gupta (ARIES, India) 

Time: Thursday , 10:00am,Jan 22 

Location: the middle conference room 


Abstract: With enhanced multi-wavelength facilities and revolution due to communication facilities, now a days, doing simultaneous multi-wavelength observations of astronomical objects have become possible and very helpful to understand the physics of emission in different EM bands.Blazar is a sub-class of radio-loud AGN which emit radiation in the complete EM spectrum. The emission is highly variable, and predominantly non-thermal. So, blazars are among one of the best targets to study in simultaneous in complete EM band. In the present colloquium, I would report our recent results based on multi-wavelength blazars flux and polarization variability, spectral energy distribution, and detection of quasi-periodic oscillations in time series data on diverse timescales.  


Group meetings and additional talks 


Observational High Energy Astrophysics Group Seminar  

Location: 1401; Contact: Zhen Yan <>  

Title: The black hole mass - stellar velocity dispersion relation of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies (Hui Zhang)  

NuSTAR Reveals Relativistic Reflection But NoUltra-Fast Outflow In The Quasar PG 1211+143(Wenda Zhang)  

NuSTAR Observations of X-Ray Binaries (Zhen Yan)  

Time: Monday, 10:30am, Jan 19  


Blackhole accretion and High-energy astrophysics Seminar  

Location: 1608; Contact: Qixiang Yang <

Title: Constraints on Relativistic Jets in Quiescent Black Hole X-ray Binaries from Broadband Spectral Modeling  

Speaker: Qi-Xiang Yang  

Time: Friday, 10:00am, Jan 23 


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