SHAO Astrophysics Colloquia 

Black Holes Big and Small: Impact on Galaxy Evolution  

Speaker: Prof. Luis Ho (KIAA/PKU)  

Time: Friday, 3:00pm, September 19th  

Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor
Abstract: Supermassive black holes (BHs) have been found in almost 100 galaxies by dynamical modeling of spatially resolved kinematics. The Hubble Space Telescope revolutionized BH research by advancing the subject from its proof-of-concept phase into quantitative studies of BH demographics. Most influential was the discovery of a tight correlation between BH mass and velocity dispersion of the bulge component of the host galaxy. Together with similar correlations with bulge luminosity and mass, this led to the widespread belief that BHs and bulges coevolve by regulating each other's growth. I present a major update to the status of this field. I will discuss (1) how BH mass correlates tightly only with classical bulges and ellipticals, (2) how the zero point and slopes of the fundamental correlations need to be revised, (3) BH mass estimates in quasars, (4) the discovery of intermediate-mass BHs in dwarf galaxies and implications for quasar seeds, (5) quasar-mode energy feedback at high redshifts, and (6) the evolution (or lack thereof) with time of the BH-host galaxy scaling relations 
Group meetings and additional talks 
Location: 1608; Contact: Qixiang Yang <>   
Title: A Last Look at the Fermi Bubbles: "The Spectrum and Morphology of the Fermi Bubbles" and our simulation results 
Speaker: Guobin Mou 
Time: Tuesday, 2:00 pm, Sep 16  
Title: A toy model for X-ray spectral variability of active galactic nuclei 
Speaker: Qixiang Yang 
Time: Friday, 9:30 am, Sep 19

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CGC participates in many international sky survey projects, including the LAMOST sky survey, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV ,BigBoss,LSST etc. CGC maintains close partnerships with many astronomical   research institutes.

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