SHAO Astrophysics Colloquia 



Seminar talk

Contact: Chunyan Jiang ; Fangting Yuan ; Jian Fu ; Ting Xiao  

Title: A Hyper Suprime-Cam View of The Interacting Galaxies of the M81 group

Speaker: Dr. Sakurako Okamoto

Time: Wednesday,3:00pm,Sep. 2nd

Location: Room 1714

Abstract: Over the last decade, resolved star studies of nearby galaxies have led to the discovery of vast stellar envelopes that are often rich in substructure. These components are naturally predicted in models of hierarchical galaxy assembly, and their observed properties place important constraints on the amount, nature, and time history of satellite accretion.

Using wide-field cameras equipped to 8m class telescopes, it has recently become possible to extend these studies to systems beyond the Local Group. In this talk, I present the first results from a deep wide-field imaging survey of the M81 group that we are conducting with the new prime-focus imager, Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC), on the Subaru Telescope. I report on the analysis of the inner 4 deg2 area, corresponding to a region spanning 100*115 kpc at the distance of the galaxy, which reveals the first truly panoramic view of both young and old stellar components in the central region of M81 group.


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