SHAO Astrophysics Colloquia    


Solar Physics   

Speaker: Jun Lin (Yunnan Observatories, CAS)   

Time: Thursday, 3:00pm, April 23rd    

 Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor    


Group meetings and additional talks    


Stellar Cluster and Galaxy Seminar group seminar    

Location: 1618; Contact: Jian Fu<>    

Title: A simple model of the evolution of local spiral galaxies    

Speaker: Ruixiang Chang    

Time: Wednesday, 10:30am,Apr 22    


Cosmology and Galaxy Formation Seminar    

Location: 1714; Contact: Ting Xiao<>    

Title: Searching for the kSZ signal in the circumgalactic medium

Speaker: Jiawei Shao      

Time: Wednesday, 3:00 pm, Apr 22    


Blackhole accretion and High-energy astrophysics Seminar    

Location: 1608; Contact: Qixiang Yang  <>    


Title: Powerful radiative jets in super-critical accretion disks around non-spinning black holes    

Speaker: Hui Yang    

Time: Tuesday, 2:00 pm, Apr 21    


Title: On the efficiency of jet production in radio galaxies    

Speaker Weixiao Wang    

Time: Friday, 10:00 am, Apr 24  


Research Center for Galaxy and Cosmology is the division engaging on the astrophysical research in Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. The research area includes cosmology, large scale structure, galaxy formation and evolution, the active galactic nucleus and compact objects, the star cluster and the structure of the Milk Way etc.

CGC participates in many international sky survey projects, including the LAMOST sky survey, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV ,BigBoss,LSST etc. CGC maintains close partnerships with many astronomical   research institutes.

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