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09/01/2020-Ultra-compact dwarf galaxies (UCDs) in the Virgo cluster (2020.01.07)
02/01/2020-Gravitational waves and testing of gravity (2019.12.30)
19/12/2019-Applications of Simulations of Strong Lensing in Astrophysics and Cosmology (2019.12.17)
12/12/2019-Massive Spectroscopic Surveys & Fibre Positioner Robots (2019.12.10)
05/12/2019- Massive Spectroscopic Surveys & Fibre Positioner Robots (2019.12.02)
28/11/2019-The Cosmic Ray-Dominated Circumgalactic Medium (2019.11.26)
14/11/2019-An ALMA View of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies/Quasars (2019.11.11)
31/10/2019-Understanding connections between star formation and dust obscuration in galaxies over time (2019.10.28)
24/10/2019-Electromagnetic Counterparts for binary neutron star mergers (2019.10.21)
17/10/2019-Highlights in cosmology 2019 (2019.10.14)
Coffee Break Discussions
  • It will happen at 10:30 am, Every Tuesday; There are two broad topics/directions to take turns, and one of them per week.
  • it takes place at Room 1715 of SHAO (temparily at the library room on the 4th floor).
  • It is organized by postdocs and young faculties of Astrophysics Division at SHAO. Feel free to reach the Lead Coordinator (see below) and/or Dr. Fu-Guo Xie (fgxie@shao) if you have any suggestions of its form.


Coffee break on high-energy astrophysics (Lead Coordinator: Dr. Yi Xing, yixing@shao)



Coffee break on Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology (Lead Coordinator: Dr. Tie Liu, liutie@shao)




Star Clusters and Galactic Structure Seminar(Wednesday, 10:30am @R1515)



Blackhole accretion and High-engery astrophysics Seminar


AGN Seminar :

Contact: Liang Chen<chenliang@shao.ac.cn> 

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