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19/09/2019-Changing-look AGNs: Discoveries and Challenges (2019.09.17)
05/09/2019-A new way to measure potential and transverse velocity (2019.09.02)
11/07/2019-Exoplanets from the radial velocities of nearby stars (2019.07.08)
04/07/2019-The solar cycle: its variability and prediction (2019.07.01)
27/06/2019-New insights on the X-ray Source Populations in the Galactic Center and Nearby Galaxy Clusters (2019.06.24)
25/06/2019- Deep Neural Network in Big Astronomical Data Era (2019.06.24)
13/03/2019-Steepness as a probe in weak lensing cosmological studies (2019.06.10)
06/06/2019-Co-evolution of the first supermassive black holes and their host galaxies (2019.06.04)
30/05/2019-Probing Astrophysics of Galactic Feedback in Nearby Disk Galaxies (2019.05.27)
28/05/2019-New frontiers in galaxy and cluster formation in the early universe and challenges to theoretica... (2019.05.27)

Cosmology and Galaxy Formation Seminar : 


Star Clusters and Galactic Structure Seminar(Wednesday, 10:30am @R1515)



Blackhole accretion and High-engery astrophysics Seminar


AGN Seminar :

Contact: Liang Chen<chenliang@shao.ac.cn> 

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