About Us

The Astrophysics Division is the main division engaged in astrophysical research at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. Research areas include active galactic nuclei and high energy astrophysics, galaxy formation and evolution, cosmology and large scale structure in SKA era, star clusters and the structure of the Milk Way, star formation, and planetary astrophysics. There are now about 50 faculty members, 20+ postdocs, and 80+ graduate students in the division.

The Astrophysics Division maintains close partnerships with many astronomical research institutes. With Max Planck Society of German, we now host two Max Planck Partner Groups in our division. Together with University of Science and Technology of China, we also established a joint Key laboratory of research in galaxies and cosmology of CAS, and with respectively Xiamen University and Peking University, we established the joint astrophysics center. Members of the Astrophysics Division also participate in many international and domestic astronomical projects, including CSST, SKA, LAMOST, HXMT, LHAASO, FAST, TMT, EHT, FAST.

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