The SHAO Astrophysics Colloquium Series is weekly academic talks on cutting-edge astrophysics research, sponsored by the Astrophysics Division of SHAO since 2006. The speakers are ones who have made remarkable academic achievements and remain academically active. Since 2022, live streamings and recordings of colloquium talks can be found at

Coffee Break Discussions
  • It will happen at 10:30 am, Every Tuesday; There are two broad topics/directions to take turns, and one of them per week.
  • it takes place at Room 1715 of SHAO (temparily at the library room on the 4th floor).
It is organized by postdocs and young faculties of Astrophysics Division at SHAO. Feel free to reach the Lead Coordinator (see below) and/or Dr. Fu-Guo Xie (fgxie@shao) if you have any suggestions of its form.
Upcoming Events