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Space-borne gravitational wave detection and the recent status of Taiji
Special SHAO Astrophysics Colloquium


Title: Space-borne gravitational wave detection and the recent status of Taiji

Speaker: Prof. Ziren Luo(Institute of Mechanics, CAS)

Time: Wednesday, 10:00am, Sep. 28th
Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor 

Abstract: Depended on the effective arm-length, the sensitive frequencies of ground-based GW detectors are ranging from 10 Hz to 10 kHz, while the space-borne GW antennae are more sensitive between 0.1 mHz and 1 Hz. The GW signals in the frequency band between 0.1 mHz and 1 Hz are believed to have great astronomical and cosmological significances, and the space mission Taiji is designed to detect the GW sources within these frequencies. A preliminary study of Taiji was started in 2008. Up to now, a sophisticated mission design of Taiji have gradually taken shape. An introduction to the scientific objectives and technology development of Taiji mission will be given in this talk.

Bio: Ziren Luo, research professor in Institute of Mechanics (CAS) and executive director of “center for gravitational wave experiment” in Institute of Mechanics. He received his PHD degree in Institute of Applied Mathematics (CAS). His specialty varies from experimental relativity, quantum mechanics, to precise metrology. Now he majors in laser metrology system for Taiji program. He is leading a National Key R&D Program “analysis and design of inter-satellite laser interferometric system”. He is also scientific assistant of academician Yue-Liang Wu who is the chief scientist of Taiji.


Koushare link to the recorded presentation

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