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Cosmology in 2023 and beyond

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Astrophysics Colloquium

TitleCosmology in 2023 and beyond

SpeakerCharling Tao (CNRS CPPM and Tsinghua University)

Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor

Time3:00 pm March. 09th (Thursday)


I gave a talk in 2019 in SHAO on some highlights of cosmology in 2019.

This time, I will shorten the introduction on the basis of cosmology, and discuss more the situation of the Lambda-CDM model, the tensions that exist but which might be resolved in the next few years with the launch and first light of several cosmological projects: Euclid in July 2023, CSST (2023?), RomanST(2025?), LSST (2024?), SKA and other existing radiotelescope projects, CMB B polarization projects (Ali CMB in China, Litebird, etc...), gravitational waves projects, ...

I cannot discuss all the projects but will focus mainly on Euclid, which will be the first satellite DE project to be launched.

The audience is invited to ask questions and contribute to the discussion on what to expect for cosmology in the future.


Charling Tao is an emerita Director of Research in CNRS CPPM (Centre de Physique de Particules de Marseille) where she co-created the cosmology group and emerita professor in Tsinghua University where she contributed to the creation of the Department of Astronomy.

After undergraduate studies in France, I worked for my PhD thesis at Harvard U. and Oxford U., on muon scattering and developed tests of QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics, the then new theory of the strong interactions between quarks mediated by gluons).

I strongly believe in the importance of mastering detectors, as well as theory and data analysis to be able to well understand experimental and observational results.

Koushare link to the recorded presentation

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