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Optimal Extraction of the Cosmic Information
   Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Astrophysics Colloquium

Title: Optimal Extraction of the Cosmic Information

Speaker: Yu Yu 余瑜 (Department of Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Time: Thursday, 3:00pm, June 23th

Tencent ID:102-778-394 Password: 6360

Abstract: On-going and future galaxy surveys provide us huge amount of precious data and unprecedented statistical power to constrain cosmological models and parameters.  Optimized analysis methods are essential to alleviate various small but important systematics caused by the late-time nonlinear evolution of the Universe, and extract more cosmic information from the same data set.  In this talk I will introduce the multiple attempts toward optimized measurements of  the large-scale structure statistics and cosmic probes, including weak gravitational lensing, baryon acoustic oscillations, redshift-space distortions and the neutrino effects.

Bio: Yu Yu graduated from Tongji University in 2007 with BS degree in Mathematics. As an amateur stargazer, Yu chose Shanghai Astronomical Observatory and obtained his PhD in 2013. After 4 years stay in SHAO as a faculty, in 2017 Yu joined the Department of Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Yu mainly focus on the large-scale structure of the Universe, including various late-time cosmic probes such as weak lensing, redshift space distortions, and baryon acoustic oscillations.

Koushare link to the recorded presentation

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