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Explore the origin sources of cosmic rays with multi-messenger
  Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Astrophysics Colloquium

Time:3:00pm May.5th (Thursday)

Tecent Meeting ID413-620-919password6360

SpeakerProf. Songzhan Chen(Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)

TitleExplore the origin sources of cosmic rays with multi-messenger

AbstractCosmic rays are high energy particles from the deep universe. Their maximum energy is about 10 million times higher than that achieved by the maximum human accelerator LHC. The questions about their origin sources and acceleration mechanism are very fundamental and important to the astro-particle physics. To explore the origin sources of cosmic rays, multi-messenger measurement including high energy cosmic ray, gamma-ray and neutrino are needed. In the past 20 years, some large devices, such as Auger, IceCube, LHAASO and so son, have been built and important progresses have been achieved. In this talk, I will report these progresses and the corresponding contribution to the study of cosmic ray origin. A prospect for the future development will also be presented.

CVSongzhan Chen is a professor of Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), CAS. Obtained the PH.D degree in 2009 at IHEP. Current physical coordinator of the LHAASO collaboration. Supported by the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars in 2020. The main research Interests are gamma-ray astronomy and cosmic ray physics. As a corresponding author, publish more than 10 ARGO-YBJ collaboration papers, including discovering the first TeV super-bubble and systematic classify the AGN flares using a long-term multi-wavelength observation for the first time. As a key member of the LHAASO collaboration, developed the key basic software including detector simulation and data reconstruction for the LHAASO-KM2A, and finished the data analysis using the first batch scientific data of the LHAASO experiment, which open the window of the ultra-high energy (UHE) gamma-ray astronomy with discovering 12 UHE sources and the highest energy photon.


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