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Bootstrapping Forefront Science with Small Telescopes

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Astrophysics Colloquium

TitleBootstrapping Forefront Science with Small Telescopes

SpeakerProf. Wen-Ping Chen (National Central University)

Special Time1:30 pm July 6th (Thursday)

Zoom892 5911 4998 password: 6360

Location: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor


With some 8 faculty members and a couple dozens of postdocs and graduate students, NCU operates a suite of small telescopes at Lulin Observatory, the largest being a humble one meter to conduct niche projects, notably of cosmic variable phenomena.  I will describe how we study from violent explosive events to solar-system bodies by joining high-profile international collaborations and at the same time also by our own leading efforts.


Prof. Chen is Chair Professor of Astronomy at NCU, with specialties in observational star formation, star clusters, and cosmic variability. 

Koushare link to the recorded presentation

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